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A Toad and the Tourist 7

A Toad and the Tourist

Posted on Jun 25, 2018 in Musings, Pictures, Travel

My toad, a 2017 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback towed all four wheels down behind my motorhome, has turned me into a sightseeing tourist. For awhile, at least while just hanging out at the same campground in...

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Happiness on the Road 10

Happiness on the Road

Posted on Mar 13, 2018 in Musings, Pictures, Travel

Happiness on the road can be a lot of different things, although the general theme  revolves around the people you meet. The following is a list of things that made me happy last year. There is no particular...

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On the Road Again 5

On the Road Again

Posted on Dec 31, 2016 in Pictures, Travel

I finally did it. I’m on the road for the winter seeking out better places to be than upstate NY. Although the trip down south did have it’s cold moments. First night in a closed campground, the...

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Fall Trip 4

Fall Trip

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 in Pictures, Travel

Highlights of my short, but gratifying trip started at the annual Weekend of Fire in Fairfield, OH, a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains, then traversing the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and...

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