Late Start, Friends and a Toad


Winter in Clarence, NY

Winter hit home in Clarence early and hard, so I had the RV winterized, with the vague idea I might get on the road during a January thaw. I also had my car & RV setup so I can tow my car four wheels down. For my non RV friends it is affectionately called  a Toad.

I also contemplated why I was leaving. Was I a “snow bird” who just wanted to escape winter in WNY or do I really just do it for the traveling? Being retired does change my outlook on winter. My new car has remote start, my new house has a carport and I don’t have to drive to work every day. Makes it more tolerable. So I decided I was a traveler.

By leaving later this year, I figured I could go north later during the trip to visit the Pacific NW, particularly Portland OR & maybe even Seattle WA. I could also visit the Rockies in May & June on my way back with less chance of snow and other bad weather.

So I didn’t get out of town until Feb 28th. First stop was at my friends Cecil & Becky in Washington Court House, OH. They have a wonderful home they call the Loose Moose Lodge on many acres with five full hookup RV sites. I met them last trip while camoing at Ft Pickens. FL. Both are salt of the earth people. I spent five days with them before getting out in earnest. Luckily the weather was cool but not wintry. A sampling of pictures are here.

Made my way south as quickly as I could by driving 300 plus miles per day, which is very tiring, especially when there are heavier winds. Goal was to get to the Rio Guadalupe RV Resort where Gary and Debbie were spending the winter. They were the couple from Binghamton, NY that I met at Betty’s on my previous trip. I arrived on Thursday, Mar 8. She made dinner of beef stew and homemade biscuits which was fantastic.

I was hoping to see a another friend I had met on my first year of RV travel, but a minor problem delayed my departure from the area so I just missed him. My outside door decided to no longer open from the outside. A highly recommended mobile RV service tech had to come out and repair the locking mechanism. John did a great job without having to replace the mechanism, saving me money. I too will recommend him to any RVer in that area of Texas.


John from JNB Mobile Repair Service

Had a great time in Texas Hill country at the campgrounds near the Guadalupe river. Having my car allowed me to explore and enjoy the local flavor, highlighted by a fantastic burger at a permanent food truck named the Horseshoe Grill. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, great eateries all make for an enjoyable stay in this area. I’ll be back next year with planned trips to nearby New Braunfels, Gruene, Austin and maybe even San Antonio.

The Horseshoe Grill

Spent a week there before getting on the road again heading to Arizona to meet up with Lynn and her new husband, Ray. I met up with them at the Twin Peaks Campground in the Organ Pipe National Monument. Ray & Lynn also stopped by at my next destination in Tucson, Desert Trails for two days. We had dinner together the first night. They did weeks worth of laundry the next day.

In conclusion I can sincerely say that all three of my visits with the friends that I have met the last two years of traveling have been spectacular and worthwhile. They each made me dinner on my arrival. Such a wonderful gesture, particularly after driving a few hundred miles.

Not feeling as lonely as I have in the past. Having the car helps break up the boredom. Whether I go shopping or out to eat or sight seeing it is definitely worth having it. A followup of this thought will be in future blog post.


  1. Glad to hear you are alive!! I posted on your fb page, Roy kept asking if I had heard from you. I got home the middle of April. We took a larger trailer down this year and left it in Mojave Crossing…not my favourite place, would like to be further south, either on the Colorado, or closer to Tucson. Oh well, it was better than being in Sask all winter, and had a nice recreation area and pool. Hope your travels are going well.

    • Good to hear from you as well. I got a late start as you just read and went up to the Oregon coast to visit a friend. Fell in love with the area. Keep in touch for next year. Tucson is always on my lists of stops. Stayed at Desert Trails for 5 weeks this year. Hello to Roy, sorry we were on different schedules this year.

  2. Happy to see your news today. We are just off our cruise ship and catching up on emails. In Barcelona now and off to southern France tomorrow. Home 16th. Sounds like you are improving your version of the RV life with each trip. You’ll always get encouragement to travel from us. Keep exploring and appreciating! Big hugs 💟💟

  3. George, great to wake up to your dispatch in my email. We are in Lake Texoma, Texas right now on the Oklahoma border. Finally having warm weather. 95% humidity is something I’m not used to after a long winter in the Southwest. We look forward to dropping in to see you in Mid-July when we stay 55 miles away at an Allegany Mountain resort.

    • Good to hear from you. I also look forward to seeing you on my home turf. I spent five weeks in Tucson. Sorry we couldn’t connect there this year. I also know what you mean about the high humidity. Be prepared for NY state in the summer.

  4. Great to hear from you again, was wondering what you were up to thought maybe we might catch up with each other again. Travelling meeting up friends and making new friends, sight seeing a local cuisine is what the lifestyle is all about. Glad that you have a toad now makes life much more interesting.
    Travel safe and enjoy all the wonderful sights there is to see.

    • Good to hear from you as well. We seem to be on a different timetable. You are always a little ahead of me. As you read, I left late this year. This next trip, I will be leaving in the fall, well before the snow is flying. I check your blog regularly to find your whereabouts, so I’ll make it a point to try to catch up with you again. BTW, I’m dry camping at one of the sites we met at in the past. Hint: your favorite chorizo is available here.

      • I picked up some Chorizo last winter made into burgers gonna have one tonight, enjoy your dry camping as you know we love it !

      • So you figured it out. I’m so glad I introduced you to chorizo. And thanks for adding me to your blog feed.

  5. Sounds like your having fun, good for you. Got home the first week of April, had to get taxes done. Will be in Idaho, the last week of May. Hope to see home for your BDay. Have a safe ride.

    • You are quick. Just published this post a few minutes ago. I just might be near Idaho in late May. Let me know your exact plans and your brother’s address by email.

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