Fall Trip


Highlights of my short, but gratifying trip started at the annual Weekend of Fire in Fairfield, OH, a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains, then traversing the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and finally driving the length of the Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park.

Being an avid Buffalo Bills fan, I wanted to watch the game with like minded fans. I found the nearest place to do that by consulting the Bills Backers website. Fortunately it was on my way south from the show in Fairfield, only an hour away. We unfortunately lost but I had a great time.

Not realizing that this was actually high season for this part of the country, I had much difficulty finding places to stay, sometimes driving an extra hour off the main route to find a motel. This was not really so bad, as I got to see other parts of the area and found some wonderful restaurants and friendly people.

This was my review of the Blue Ridge Parkway that I posted to TripAdvisor: “This Parkway, a designated National Park, meandering through dense forests, open fields, and mountain passes will be sure to please anyone who loves the beauty of Mother Nature. There are an abundance of pull offs, offering spectacular views and plenty of picture taking opportunities. Over 450 miles of breathtaking bliss.

I will also highly recommend the visitor centers, the staff, the upkeep of all aspects of the road and the facilities. My only nitpick is that in certain instances the signage was a bit lacking, but I get easily disoreinted. I do appreciate that they are trying to keep signage to a bare bones minimum to maintain the very nature of the road.”

Click HERE for a sampling of the many pictures I took while traveling. My first taste of road tripping could not have been any better. I look forward to my winter extended trip to the Southwest.


  1. Travelling and enjoying life is wonderful and the southwest amazing.
    Travel safe.

  2. Rene, my daughter lives in Knoxville TN. Beautiful country.

  3. Beautiful pictures!!!

    • I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

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