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Being from Buffalo, I should be used to all kinds of weather. Some sayings about the weather back home: “There are two seasons in Buffalo, July & Winter or “If you don’t like the weather now, just wait 15 minutes.” The term “snow birds” takes on new meaning when traveling in an RV during the winter.

I continue to manage a BBQ Competition and Festival, Oinktoberfest, which is held annually in late September. Weather is always a factor when running an outdoor event at that time of year in WNY. Over the years I’ve obsessed over the weather forecasts for the scheduled weekend, even looking ahead on Accuweather’s 30 day forecast. But many of my colleagues told to stop bothering because there was nothing I could do to change the weather that particular weekend. How right they are. But when living in a mobile home there is something you can do: move to better weather. Now my obsession takes new meaning, there is something I can do about the weather.

Some pictures of the variety of weather I’ve experienced

The weather on my trip so far has been very unpredictable, no matter where I’ve been. Being now classified as a “snow bird” it’s easy to assume that most of the time it is supposed to be warmer in the South, sometimes true but not always. Traveling and living in my RV has made me much more aware of the vagaries of the weather. I’ve experienced howling winds, sub freezing temps, fog, pouring rain, drizzle, and even some snow flurries. I’ve also seen record highs and lows for the regions I’ve been traveling.

In the heart of Cajun country, Abbeville, LA, it was down to 23 degrees two nights in a row. South of Houston, near Galveston, it was foggy with drizzle for three days. Just before I arrived at Ft. Pickens Campground just south of Pensacola in my shorts I stopped to shop. Walking to the store with howling winds and low 40s reminded me of something that we do in Buffalo. Another time in Texas, a short drive of less than 60 miles the temperature dropped 16 degrees from 70 to 54 and continued to fall through the night. I’ve also had sun tan weather and the Austin area had record highs.

I’m really just talking about the experience of such a variety of weather. I think that traveling and camping in a motorhome makes one acutely more conscious of things like the weather. Keeping an eye on propane when you have to heat with the furnace because you are dry camping, avoiding driving when very windy, not being able to sit outside, being aware of your awning, sloshing in the rain to unhook your utilities and dumping your waste tanks….. you get the idea.

It can be magnified more by the smallness of one’s RV. If I can’t do much outside, I stay in my small home working on my computer, updating websites, researching where to go next and general reading. The “snow birds” travel to get away from bad weather but really can’t get away from it all. I’d even be willing to say that I do miss the snow on occasion. Snow days could be fun and I have much better seating in my home in Buffalo. ‘Til next time.

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  1. That was a nice discussion on weather without overt complaining, but weather does have a lot to do with our state of well being. Spent the first 2 weeks in Costa Rica with the first week being too hot for me and the 2nd week too windy, which curtailed some of the activities planned. Like you, I find ways to fill the hours. Back home, marking time until spring …sigh!
    Hope we can get together over a beer should you find yourself on my side of the border when the weather is good. Cheers George!

    • I appreciate your comment about my not overtly complaining. That was my goal. I’m glad you enjoyed. It sure beats a lot of what we are reading about today. I think this traveling gig helps me forget all the other nonsense. I do look forward to getting together and am planning a trip to Canada this summer. I’ll be in contact.

  2. George,

    I think you need to work on a “sunshine tour” for your next journey. I do feel your pain in not getting what you thought you signed up for. I’m sure the interesting people you meet is making the trip worthwhile, but it is ironic to be a snowbird flying right into the nasty stuff.

    • That was my point. There is no guarantee of a “sunshine tour”. At least I can keep moving to get to more consistent weather, which I finally have here in Arizona. But the weather has still been better than back “home”… No snow and above freezing during the day. And you are right about the people I’ve met, some will be lifetime friends.

  3. I must be on Facebook and Trump news stories too much lately because it’s refreshing to see grammatical sentences that in addition to being grammatical, make sense ;-D
    We are just back from 2 weeks in sunny beautiful Portugal, but now must atone with nearly 3 weeks in Wash DC where Earl has meetings.
    It seems you’re not headed our way, or haven’t notified us if you are. You are welcome and we’d love to see you. Weather in 70s.
    m and e

    • Thanks for your kind words. I may be headed your way on my trip back home. I’ll keep you informed. Would love to see you again. I’ve also got som Aleppo pepper with me.

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