Part 2: Places


I’ve previously highlighted the people. Now is time to do the same with places. Much of the experience beyond the people you meet are the places you visit. I’ve mentioned in a previous post my fondness for what I call the “slices of Americana” where I discussed the iconic motor hotel the Coronado in Yuma, AZ. Well, I’ve been to many more of these slices and thoroughly enjoyed my time. Of course much of that are the people you meet there but the places themselves have special meaning to me.

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Parked at the KOA

My first real campground experience was at the KOA in Tucson, AZ near the airport. Big, expensive, busy and loaded with families and their children it was a blast. Well maintained, they had a great pool and hot tub, clean restrooms and showers and a wonderful laundromat that was very overpriced. I utilized all of it.

Shadow Ridge in Ajo, AZ was a small, no frills RV park inhabited primarily with “snow birds” who spend their winters in the Arizona warmth. Great vibes and very relaxing.

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Parked at Shadow Ridge


Gunsite Wash, a dispersed camping area owned by the BLM, just south of Ajo in Why, AZ. This truly was an experience that I will do again. No utulities, services or amenities of any kind. Just check out these pictures.

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This almost seems lonely

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This makes up for everything

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The poor cow got stuck in the cattle guard

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Organ Pipe National Monument. George and Suzie took me with them to visit this Sonoran desert park. We took the Ajo loop exploring the beautiful desert scenery & plant life.

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The Ajo loop road. Pretty rough.

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The monuments namesake: The Organ Pipe Cactus

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Stunning scenery

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The “Teddy Bear” cactus

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Guess who?

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Back to Ajo for their annual shindig in the town square. Typical Americana, very small, with tents set up for local groups and some government entities, a few food vendors all serving Mexican food. I had a fry bread taco for lunch that was fantastic. The weekly farmers market was also going on that day.

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A farmer with their produce

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Another farmers market vendor

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The shindig

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My lunch

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I went back to Tucson and scheduled a service appointment with the dealer to take care of some minor issues with the new RV. I decided to stay at a park about 15 miles west of the city call Desert Trails. I met great people and ended up staying there for nine days. The sites were very close to each other but the layout and scenery was exquisite. This was a place where the people made it special. I’ve already mentioned in the previous post about what wonderful people my neighbors Roy and Laurel were. Thanks again to them for all they did for me.

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Some of the plant life at the Desert Trails


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The surplus yard Roy took me to

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More of the junkyard

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This was certainly one of the more eclectic places we visited

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Steaks on a mesquite wood burning grill

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Steak, eggs and sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast at Fred’s.

My most recent stop is at Fox’s Resort in Parker, AZ on the Colorado river with a restuarant and floating bar on site. Close quarters, but the view of the river is fantastic.

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The floating bar

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The restaurant on site

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Definitely has a Key West vibe

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The bar is a regular stop for the boaters

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  1. WOW- I agree about Parker having a Key West vibe. Need to get there sometime. I love how much fun you are having. Well deserved and good for body and soul.

  2. Really have to love the lifestyle I am glad you are enjoying it,
    Keep on trucking !

    • I do, but there are times when I still have doubts in spite of all the positives. It is especially difficult with my back hurting so much. An improved mattress or the addition of memory foam may be the answer.

      Safe travels to you both & stay away from tornados.

      • That could work for you. give it a try.

      • we went with a mattress topper from Costco for the first 2 yrs- last year got a new mattress- we love it- should have done it sooner. There are several options on Amazon & Camper’s world depending on what support you need. not sure what size- we have a short queen.
        Love your blog- glad you’re having a great time- Nancy Muller

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