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From a previous visit…. My old plate

Unique, eclectic, character, hospitality, diverse, friendly, active, crowded, basic, fun: what do all these words have in common? These are all words that describe the experience of staying at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA. Notice I used the word experience since that is what camping at Betty’s RV Park is all about.

Betty’s T-shirts

Even the weather can be an event, changing from a sunny 70+ one day to a below freezing 23 for two nights in a row, so cold that we disconnected from the water so Betty could wrap the faucets.

When arriving at Betty’s, fellow campers will immediately greet you with open arms asking if you have been here before and then proceed to inform you about happy hour every day at 4:30pm. It is easy to feel comfortable right away.

Happy Hour

More Happy Hour

Betty’s is not for everyone. Families with younger children will be disappointed in the lack of amenities and/or activities for kids. Some will not like how tightly they are packed in, but what better way to meet your neighbors. There are no public showers, restrooms, pool, hot tub, or other resort like amenities. The outdoorsy types won’t find enough nearby hiking trails, waterways, parks, biking or forests. But there are many cajun centric activities within a short drive including great restaurants, music, museums, cultural icons and the natural beauty of the land. Shrimp, oysters, poboys and music are dominant themes around these parts.

My location. Short walk to happy hour

Close to your neighbors

Avery Island, home of Tabasco

The Gardens on Avery island

Making Tabasco sauce

Some local Cajuns

Happy hour, repeat campers, location: they all make camping at Betty’s an event that is close to unique and probably not found anywhere else. Betty, the owner and host, is all about accommodating her guests. She will make suggestions about where to go, to eat, shop or to sightsee. She also organizes events like Holiday parties and trips to dinner for crawfish. Betty makes it special for everyone.

Music New Years Eve

Some of the costumes for the White Trash Party

Sign at party

Costumes for the White Trash Party

Betty is on the left

Some of the happenings while I was there included: a White trash New Years Eve party, a potluck dinner on New Years Day, a surprise puppy shower for one of the campers and multiple group treks to local restaurants for meals.

Lunch at a local landmark

His first raw oyster

Famous meat market. Boudin, head cheese, boudin balls and more.

One of our many food treks

It seems that more than half the campers at any one time are repeat visitors much like me. Many plan for a shorter stay but end up staying longer as I did, nine more days than originally planned. The saying is that you get yourself “caught in Betty’s Web”, a very appropriate analogy.

Eclectic at Betty’s

Finally departing, I can honestly say that I met many great people, many of whom I hope to see again. I guess it makes sense that by the nature of this campground as I have described would bring open minded, friendly, helpful and fun loving people from all walks of life. If you ever get to that part of the world in your RV make sure you stop and tell Betty that Pepperhead sent you.


  1. Your Blog reminded me of the great times we had a Betty’s a couple of years ago. We went for two days and stayed a week! So much great Cajun food around Abbeville, much better than can be found in NOLA. Betty is a treasure (and a Registered Cajun).

  2. Where is Georgie now??? Thinking of you…..

    • Ask my brother. I update him with my location every time I move. He should have a complete route of my trip. I do miss you guys, even grumpy Larry. I hope you are both dealing with the winter there in Buffalo. Wait to you see my next blog post. It’s all about the weather.

  3. Love reading your Blog ~ I am sharing it with my friends in GA who talk about doing what you are doing some day. Smiling as I type George ~ again, so HAPPY for you!!! Much Love.

  4. Hey George! Well, we extended our stay here at Betty’s too…til this Mon. Then a couple nights in New Orleans. Then….?? Hope you’re loving wherever you land!

  5. I am so happy for you! Your RV winter life on the road clearly suits you. We’d love it if you’d grace us with another Henderson visit…some travels ahead but just need a bit of advance planning. Big hugs from Margaret and Earl

  6. We thought we loved New Orleans, but ever since we discovered Betty’s in 2002 we’ve not been back to NO! Love your blog. Jim & Cookie are special friends, as are many others! Go ahead and stay for a month–lots to see and do!

    • So what happened to your blog? Remind me of how I know you guys. I appreciate your comments about the blog. The Puppie Shower was for Jim & Cookie.

  7. George what an experience, and what great friends your making, but then you would make friends anywhere. Keep sending pictures and tell you friends they are lucky to have you as their friend.Take care my dear friend and keep well,Met some people that miss you and your store, say it is NOT THE SAME WITHOUT GEORGE. That is right. Love you. Keep in touch. Patsy and David

    • You are always so sweet to me. How is David? I do miss our times together. One of the few things I miss about home is our get togethers and friendship.

  8. Good Luck Pepperhead. Hope to you soon.

    • It was great meeting you both. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please tell Betty about it.

  9. We did enjoy it there as well with Betty and the crew. But much buyer than we like to be. It sure is and experience though glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Sounds like our kind of place. Glad you found a good park to ring in the MRW year!

      • Looking forward to reconnecting with you guys. Are you still at Diamond Js for February? I was wondering what MRW year is all about.

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