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Welcome to my new world. I recently sold my retail business, Adventures in Heat, located in Clarence NY after 16 years. The new owners are a younger and much more energetic couple from Clarence, Bill and Marla Storr. They have chosen to change the name to Smoke Fire and Spice with the tagline of “For Your Adventures in Heat”.  They are keeping the basic theme of the store with BBQ centric products, gas grills, outdoor furniture and kitchens, hot sauces, snacks and spices. They have added a number of locally sourced items such as jewelry and cutting boards with more to come.

I have told this story to anyone who would listen. It is an analogy of why I sold the business. In June of 1999, I gave birth to the store and brought him up to be a 16 year old adolescent. The problem was that he was becoming a juvenile delinquent and I was getting too old to manage him. He needed strict discipline and a firm hand to continue to adulthood. Bill and Marla, same age as I was in 1999, are the perfect new parents. I wish them the best of everything and look forward to the store maturing into an adult superstar.



  1. George-congrats. Met the new owner-for my 50th birthday-and after sending both kids to college-I did finally get the Primo-sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye-will see if I am able to attend Oinktoberfest.
    Bill and Marla are great.
    Congrats and enjoy retired life.

    • Thanks for your comments. Glad you finally got your Primo. Hope you are loving it. I’ll pass on your comments to Bill & Marla. I could not have found better people to take over the store.

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