My First Week in My New RV

RT 2016 post 6 - 1

Flying into Tucson to pick up my new RV

RT 2016 post 6 - 3

My new RV

My first night was spent in the parking lot of the dealer. La Mesa RV. They close at 6pm so I bought a cold sub at Quiznos and ate that for dinner. They did have water & electric hook up.

The solar system installation was finished late the next day. I attempted to rent a car that day to do my shopping, but found out that my debit/credit card was not acceptable so I spent most of the day at the dealer waiting for them to finish.

I spent the next three nights at the KOA around the corner. Pool, hot tub, laundry, showers and even a basic restaurant & bar on site, where I ate the first night.

RT 2016 post 6 - 6

A moment of enjoyment

The next day I disconnected and finally went shopping for much needed basic supplies and food. I cooked my first dinner in the RV of steak, veggies, salad using my new charcoal grill. Very gratifying.

After three days at the KOA resort, I headed West to eventually meet up with my friends George & Suzie. Spent three days at a quiet, small park in Ajo, AZ. Relaxing, quiet, low key time spent there.

RT 2016 post 6 - 9

My view from the patio

RT 2016 post 6 - 5


Some things I’ve learned about RV living.

  • Wi-fi while camping is erratic as is cell phone service
  • The counter space for meal prep is extremely small, demanding a lot of creativity to get a meal done right. This is especially true when using the propane stove top inside
  • It’s very easy to fall asleep in the desert air
  • I’ve got a lot more learning to do about the RV & all of its functions, upkeep & problems.
  • There is something very gratifying about being out in the desert air, living in a shoebox & cooking satisfying meals while enjoying the cool desert atmosphere.
  • It’s always easy to meet friendly people
  • The solitude can also be enlightening
  • It can also be lonely
  • It’s what we make of it that counts
RT 2016 post 7 - 1

It’s challenging to cook & clean in the limited countertop.

RT 2016 post 6 - 2

What a view



  1. I look forward to your review of your new RV. I will be looking at it this week. I am going to follow your blog for a while.

    • It’s a little too new for me to do anything in depth yet. Just keep following. Thanks for that.

  2. You are bringing back lots of memories of the KOA days in Homestead, FL. I loved it & yes, kitchen prep space is challenging but eventually you get used to it.

    That IS a special moment —> ‘I cooked my first dinner in the RV of steak, veggies, salad using my new charcoal grill’.

    I am so happy for you George. RV Peeps are a special breed of people. It is not for everybody but those that do enjoy it, all have things in common. I have met some wonderful people during my RV experience.

    Until next time ~ Enjoy

  3. Jump in and do it, the desert will become a very good friend.
    Love the solitude, and cooking tasty meals.
    See ya soon.

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