It’s done. The building sale finally closed, the final escrow was released and the lawyer was paid.

When I run into people that knew me from the store or from anywhere, they invariably ask me: “What are you going to do with yourself?” Or “How will you keep busy?” My response is usually a question like: “Why does retirement have to be all or nothing?” Followed by a statement that I’ve got plenty to do: like this blog; being the organizer of Oinktoberfest; helping with friends’ Facebook pages; maintaining the websites for Rock the Barn, the afore mentioned Oinktoberfest, my brother’s Backyard Retreats and continuing to learn more about building websites using WordPress. Oh, I also plan on doing some traveling.

For some reason our culture and society have decided that retirement means you’ve stopped. Some retirees do stop, some say they are semi-retired but I think I like the term, “refocused”. Our careers are often what defines us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve always had hobbies and other activities to keep me busy so I guess it was easier to slowly enter the world of “retirement”.


  1. George , great talking to you today …. Your new chapter sounds well deserved and exciting …. I look forward to seeing you soon and catching up ….. All the best Bill and Jen

  2. Looking forward to your adventures, keep the blog going and keep us informed.
    Enjoy your new lifestyle.

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