Almost Done

I’m whittling down my list of unfinished business. Finally canceled the payroll service, dropped off paperwork for the accountant, canceled Workman’s Comp insurance, dealt with more dangling participles and almost closed on the sale of the building. Should be just a few more days. An 11th hour request for some additional paperwork set us back a little, but my lawyer says all thing are a go now. I went up to Clarence Town Hall to get the correct signed document. I’m very happy with the cooperation I have almost always had with the Town of Clarence. Just a few glitches in the very early years. I’m glad that I kept my relations with the Town politicians and bureaucrats on a positive note all of these years.

Working on Oinktoberfest is my primary focus right now. It’s around the corner, Sept. 18-20 next month. Finalized the vendors, sent out email reminder for teams to get apps in and continuing to update the website. It keeps me busy and I continue to learn more about using WordPress as my platform for doing websites.

I do look forward to doing some travel after Oinktoberfest. That is certainly the ultimate focus of this blog and I look forward to more postings relative to my travels. I also hope to become more proficient with my photography and will post pictures here and on my Facebook page as I proceed.


  1. Congrats!!.. Glad to see retirement won’t slow you down!!.. Great seeing you,!!.. Best wishes always!! Great idea!!

  2. Hey George glad to hear that you are finally doing it, good for you.
    Stopped by the store today and catted with the new lady owner there, she seems very nice, glad that the business is still there. Picked a new hot sauce and she gave be your card for your blog.
    I see you will be busy for a bit then hope you can hit the road and enjoy some great adventures with your new lifestyle.
    Looking forward to hearing about your travels and maybe even run into you on the road.
    Safe Travels.
    George and Suzie

    • Great to hear from you. Will be doing extensive travel winter 2016. Will see where you are and who knows… btw, what hot sauce did you buy?

  3. Way to go George enjoy your retirement see you at oinktoberfest

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