A New Retiree

May 20, 2015, my last day officially as owner of Adventures in Heat. Most of my paperwork and other odds and ends had been piled into boxes and hauled to my house. My office administrative person had unfortunate emegency surgery that kept her away from working during this time. Not having the desire or time to effectively sort through everything myself, we just through it all into boxes. What a disorganized mess.

Some observations of a new retiree: You need a focus, you need a hobby, you need to understand what the change in your life means in your day to day living, you need to stop feeling guilty about your idle time and you need to understand what it means to have all this time for yourself. I think it is important to tell you that I am a life long single person who has lived alone for 30 years, so my perpective may be a little different.

My first few weeks dealt with what I have lovingly called “The Dangling Participles”, those post transaction tidbits of minutiae: remaining bills to pay; customer warranties; back orders; final taxes; changing my addresses, phone numbers and emails for all my personal accounts; transferring the website; cancelling services; and more. Even now I’m still dealing with some of these. Knowing I have much more time available, it is often too easy to procrastinate on the least desirable tasks.

During the first month I also planted a container garden of hot peppers, tomatoes, a variety of herbs, shallots and green peppers. Cooking has always been one of my passions and growing some of my own herbs and vegetables is quite rewarding.

A few other endeavors have also kept me busy of late. I still have some other business related activities such as managing the websites and Facebook pages for Rock the Barn and Oinktoberfest. Rock the Barn is a two day music festival in Clarence that raises money for the local Meals on Wheels organization. It is held every year in July so keeping the website up to date kept me busy recently. I also vended barbecue there with some fellow BBQ colleagues.


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  1. Let’s go fishing!

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